All-IN-ONE Structure

It’s a revolutionary idea ! United-type structure of lid and cooling gel.

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Protect your food.

For example, your lunch is stuffed at 8:00 in the morning, it can keep 15℃ is kept even at 12:00, 4 hours later. It is said that the risk of breeding bacteria increases in case the temperature of food becomes over 25℃. It’s possible to reduce risk of food poisoning with GEL-COOL.


Never annoyed by bent cooling gel pack.

Cooling gel is totally packed in the lid and you can put the lid in freezer as it is. You may sometimes annoyed by bent cooling gel pack. With GEL-COOL, there are no more frustration because your cooling gel is packed in the lid and always stays flat ! Cooling gel is in the lid and completely sealed by sonic welding. It makes cold insulation effect longer.