When looking at the climate of Japan, there are wonderful four seasons.
On the other hand, I noticed that we are living in the severe season with the high humidity.
Like the Japanese traditional construction which removed walls and spared wide space for Japanese style veranda called “Engawa”,
Like the wind bell which rings rings the cool tone, “tinkle-tinkle”, in hot summer.
There is a culture in Japan that has been devised as to how comfortably we can spend the summer from ancient times.


“GEL-COOL” is a brand born in Japan with such environment.


“I want my kids to eat lunch without worrying food poisoning” .
Such mom’s love let us produced brand new lunch box called “GEL-COOL” which has the lid integrated cooling gel.


Global warming is developed these days and a hot season are becoming long every year.
We will keep producing the products which can spend a hot season comfortably.