Here are questions we received frequently.
Please look over for your reference.

Q. Is it possible to purchase sealing ring only ?

A. Yes, you can purchase any parts of GEL-COOL via official online shop but we can ship domestic only.

Q. Is the material used for GEL-COOL harmless ?

A.Yes, every pigment as well as raw plastic material used for GEL-COOL conforms to standard of Food Sanitation Act lay down by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare(MHLW).

Q. Is the cooling gel in the lid harmless ?

A.Safety of cooling gel is confirmed. It’s harmless even if put into a mouth but it’s not food, please do not eat even if gel comes out from broken lid.

Q. Is GEL-COOL leak proof ?

A. GEL-COOL is designed to have good sealing as much as possible but leakage sometimes occur due to usage. Please be sure a lid be set tightly as well as watery food be not put in.

Q. Is it possible to take out cooling gel ?

A. No, cooling gel is built in the lid and sealed by sonic welding. It’s impossible to take out.

Q. How to remove the stain on the inner lid ?

A. Please try to wash with bleaching-detergent for dishes. Inner lid is made of SEBS which has excellent flexibility. It’s very easy to open and close but on the other hand SEBS tends to absorb water. Therefore when you put ketchup or food which has strong color, water-soluble coloring ingredient becomes stain on the inner lid sometimes.

Q. How to do when it’s difficult to remove the sealing ring ?

A. Please insert blunt stick to the corner and hook the sealing ring. When you reset the sealing ring, please make sure if the ring is flat.

Q. How long GEL-COOL lid need to leave in freezer ?

A. At least 6 hours. We recommend to leave the lid in freezer overnight. Due to cold resistance of plastic, please do not put the lid in the freezer which can be below -20℃.

Q. The clip has come out. Is it defective ?

A. No, It’s detachable to wash easily.

Q. Is it dishwasher and microwave safe ?

A. Yes, except GEL-COOL lid and inner lid.
※ mWood and GEL-COOL Round is NOT dishwasher and microwave safe.

Q. Does it cause dew condensation ?

A. It sometimes condenses on the surface by the temperature and the humidity. To protect your belongings, we recommend you to set a lid after your food are cooled and then wrap with lunch cloth or lunch bag.

Q. How to dispose ?

A. Please dispose with directions of your living place.