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Very popular character.

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Collaboration of Japanese cultural BENTO and Lisa Larson’s warm illustrations !

“Nu är jag verkligen hungrig!” means “I’m very hungry !” in Swedish. It’s Swedish style to have lunch slowly and make one effort from the afternoon. The cute animals make your day happy.

Lisa Larson
The ceramic artist born in Sweden in 1931. After university graduation, she joined Gustavsberg company which was the biggest ceramics making company in Sweden by Stig Lindberg’s scouting. While been working 26 years in Gustavsberg company, she invented about 320 kinds of excellent work such as an animal series and had been getting popular as the ceramics designer who represents Sweden. After leaving the company in 1979, she succeeded as a free designer and establishes Keramik Studion Gustavsberg company in 1992. Her gentle, pretty and coquettish animals and the figure which has a very expressive face with heart makes increasing a large number of fans rapidly at all over the world as well as home country Sweden and Japan. Such as announcing an art piece and a new design in addition to the reproduction of a work in recent years, her activity is also continued energetically at present.